Barbara Smith is an Adorer of the Blood of Christ.  Her ministries have been varied and enriching, including work at Newman University in Wichita, Kansas, and parish ministry for 24 years among the Navajo in Crownpoint, New Mexico; there she also served on the board for the Native American Lay Ministry and Diaconate Program.  Called first to regional leadership and most recently congregational leadership in Rome, she is now awaiting God’s surprising call to the next part of her journey.

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Walk in the beauty of cultural diversity

My spirit has not been the same since sharing life among the Navajo people. Their love and appreciation of the harmony of all life has found a home within me. 

Gratitude: a gift from the heart

Gratitude is such a profound gift that too often appears only one day a year, on our U.S. holiday of Thanksgiving. Yet this attitude should permeate each and every day of our lives.

Images imprinted on our hearts and souls

When and how can we carve out that silence, attentiveness to and awareness of life that is not tethered to our electronics? When we are able to do this, we reconnect with our own heart, spirit, soul. 

Sacred encounters and awe moments

Care can be wrapped in a little note that says, "You are important to me." A smile of acknowledgement, an embrace, the tender gesture of placing my hand on another's shoulders — all signals that someone is there to lift them up.