Caileigh Pattisall is a Good Shepherd Volunteer serving at the Rose and Blum Close to Home Residences in New York City. She recently graduated from James Madison University with a degree in social justice and communication. Caileigh has a passion for juvenile justice reform, community police policy and restorative justice initiatives.

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After a loss and a gift, I am rebuilding my trust in God

Notes from the Field - I can't come to realize God's intentionalities behind what has happened in my life, but I am rebuilding my trust in a plan someone greater has for me, all the while believing that I have the strength to heal and move forward in my life

My year of service has shown me the many facets of social justice work

Notes from the Field - There's something to be said for learning about the work directly from the people who have been here doing it. It's only right to bear witness to the issues and people you strive to advocate for.

Making bracelets with the boys was my first breakthrough to relationship

Notes from the Field - My first breakthrough with the boys at Barbara Blum Residence, getting them to make bracelets with me, meant a lot. It was the first real start of establishing a relationship with each one of them.

Thinking existentially at the 'gates of Hope'

Notes from the Field - What do I want to do and who do I want to be after my year with Good Shepherd Volunteers ends? I've started to zoom out and look at it through a bigger lens.