Maryknoll nun helps New Mexico's tribal peoples deal with uranium legacy

When she was assigned to New Mexico 26 years ago, Maryknoll Sr. Rose Marie Cecchini never expected to spend so much of her ministry helping the state's tribal peoples deal with the literal fallout of uranium mining.

Dominican sisters celebrate 50 years of religious life, friendship

On July 8, Srs. Elizabeth Anne Allen and Jean Marie Warner of the Congregation of Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia didn't just celebrate 50 years of religious profession — they also celebrated a half-century of friendship.

Show me the honey: Maryland sisters find divine touch in beekeeping

The bees collect nectar from flowers and plants across the sisters' property and over a 3-mile radius, bringing it back to the hives where they transform it into honey.

Kidnapped nun 'filled with gratitude' following her safe release in Africa

During nearly five months of captivity in Burkina Faso, Marianite Sr. Suellen Tennyson wondered aloud where God was hiding in the midst of her isolation and loneliness.