In Indianapolis, Catholics seek structural change to end racism, inequality

Sister Gail Trippett sees a ray of hope amid all the darkness that once again descended upon Indianapolis and other cities across the country following the death of George Floyd.

Group's filters help Navajo Nation have safe drinking water amid pandemic

As the coronavirus digs deeper into Navajo Nation, infecting Native Americans at a higher rate than anywhere in the country, 1,500 miles away a nonprofit in the Archdiocese of Louisville is working to ease the suffering.

Catholic Relief Services unveils hunger awareness campaign as pandemic hinders access to food

As tens of millions more people are at risk of acute hunger because of the global coronavirus pandemic, Catholic Relief Services is embarking on a campaign to raise awareness, advocate and raise funds to head off the brewing crisis.

In southern Nigeria, nuns put TB, leprosy patients on road to recovery

After three years of visiting clinics and traditional healers across Nonwa Tai, in the southern corner of Nigeria, 55-year-old Benedict Ngbaji was shocked to discover the sores and lesions under his foot and ankle were symptoms of Hansen's disease, or leprosy.