Celine Reinoso was born in St. Louis, Missouri, but lived in Manila, Philippines, for most of her life. She graduated from Saint Louis University, where she studied communication, journalism and video production. She is currently a Loretto Volunteer in El Paso, Texas, working at Villa Maria, a transitional homeless shelter for women.

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Persevere through the pandemic

Notes from the Field - With Texas reopening and public health concerns being slightly manageable, I am able to slowly go back to work. Now more than ever, I need to continue supporting our clients.

Straying from the church and grounding my faith in nature

Notes from the Field - I thought coming to the U.S.-Mexico border and learning about impacted communities here was a sure way to get closer to God, but actually, I have never felt more disconnected from my religion and faith in God.

Discovering new ways to serve

Notes from the Field: Self-isolation hasn't stopped my activism and service in the fight for social justice, but it has challenged me to advocate in new ways.

Unchanging community resistance amid the COVID-19 crisis

Notes from the Field - The El Paso community is showing, like many others, how people can support each other in a crisis.