Christina Neumann serves at St. Anne's Guest Home, an assisted living-type facility in Grand Forks, North Dakota, where she helps in a variety of roles, including receptionist, sacristan, activities and as an occasional personal care aide. She also manages the web page for the facility, writes their weekly blog and edits their resident newsletter. She  authors Our Franciscan Fiat, the blog for her religious community of Dillingen Franciscan Sisters in North Dakota. She also finds time for embroidery, baking, biking and liturgical music. Before entering religious life, she received a bachelor of arts in written communication, with some coursework also in graphic arts and theology.

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Hold nothing of yourself back

On the feast of Corpus Christi we remember in a special way the gift of the Eucharist, in which Christ holds nothing back from us. I have taken refuge in Jesus many times in Holy Communion or sitting before the tabernacle.