Clare Boehmer is a member of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ. With an academic background in English, for 34 years she taught in schools at all levels, English and computer science, served as a librarian, and developed a computer center for teenage girls living in an emergency shelter. Later, she served as web designer, community webmaster, associate editor for Review for Religious, and wrote a book for her community. She is certified in healing touch and aromatherapy, and practiced that for 16 years. She is now retired after 60 years of active ministry.

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Living in a COVID-19 world: focusing on what we can do

Almost two years of dealing with the uncertainties of living in a COVID-19 world have taught me several lessons that have been invaluable in moving forward in my life after having lived for 85 years.

A pilgrimage through quarantine

A pilgrimage is a long, often arduous, journey to a sacred place. It was the afternoon of the second Sunday of Advent in 2020, and I was angry.

Writing on blank pages

I've recently retired and developed a part-time writing ministry. I often get asked, "What are you doing these days?" What I'm doing is learning how to live life in a "Wait for it; watch for it; trust it" mode.

An unsung and invisible force at prayer

In our retirement, the days are past when we served meals to the hungry, or joined marches protesting injustice. But we are still people of faith who have lived long enough to have seen and felt the power of prayer.