Report finds no evidence of alleged murders at Vermont orphanage run by nuns

"Most notably, the present task force found no evidence of alleged murders that were committed by the Sisters of Charity of Providence," said a joint statement from Vermont Catholic Charities and the Diocese of Burlington.

BioBlitz helps Mercy sisters catalog all forms of life on Vermont farm

The Sister of Mercy's 39-acre Mercy Farm in Benson recently had a "BioBlitz" — a 24-hour period of intense biological surveying in May to attempt to record all the living species on the farm.

Nuns say by making altar bread, they're 'helping bring Jesus to souls'

It's generally quiet in the Altar Bread Department at the Monastery of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Westfield as Benedictine nuns in their full habits covered with smocks produce thousands of hosts to be consecrated and distributed to Catholics at the Eucharist. In keeping with the contemplative lifestyle of their order, the Congregation of Solesmes, there is little talking.