Derrick Silimina is an award-winning multimedia journalist based in Lusaka, Zambia. His work has appeared on many media platforms in Zambia and abroad. He holds a diploma in journalism and public relations from the Zambia Institute of Mass Communications. He is the former editor of one of the country's leading agricultural publications and is currently an executive writer with Solwezi Today Magazine and This is Zambia Magazine, one of the top business and Investment magazines in the country.

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Q & A with Sr. Beatrice Mwansa, spreading truth and faith through the media

Zambian Sr. Beatrice Mwansa of the Daughters of the Redeemer believes society cannot underestimate the role of the media in evangelism because it can spread God's message to the world "in a flash of a minute."

Sisters in Africa debunk myths and educate people to get the COVID-19 vaccine

In Africa, there is rampant misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine. To save lives amid the pandemic, Catholic sisters have been working to educate and encourage people to get vaccinated as the best means to fight the virus.

Holy Family sisters shelter orphans, elderly homeless in Zambia facility

In a large slum just southwest of Lusaka, the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Family operate the Cheshire Divine Providence Home amid COVID-19 hardships, housing more than 20 elderly homeless people and 30 orphans.

In Africa, sisters lead the way to replace orphanages with family care

The goal is as simple as it is complicated to achieve: Shift the care of children from institutions like orphanages to a family or family-like environment.