Dolores Liptak is a Sister of Mercy of the Americas. A published author and archivist, she has a doctorate in American history and has taught in several colleges and seminaries. She served as the organization of women religious archivists' first president and guided it for many years. Several of her books are studies of minorities in the U.S., principally immigrants and women. Two of her major archives projects were the organization of Baltimore Carmel's records and those of the Georgetown Visitation Monastery. Currently, she is a consultant and occasional essayist and author.

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Maryknoll Sr. Joan Delaney had a unique missionary vocation

Sr. Joan Delaney, who died in April at the age of 92 after 70 years as a Maryknoll Sister, used her skills of quiet diplomacy as she was sent worldwide to dialogue with spiritual leaders of all faiths.

As Christians, our homework on racism must be of the meditative kind

What should our prayer be at this dreadful moment in United States history? We must realize that this is not a time for blame — or for violence. Reactions like those must be left in the past. Let us face this.