Gloria L. Schaab, a Sister of St. Joseph of Philadelphia, is professor of systematic theology and chair of the Department of Theology and Philosophy at Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida. She is the author of If God is For Us: Christian Perspectives on God and Suffering (Anselm Academic Press, 2016), Trinity in Relation: Creation, Incarnation, and Grace in an Evolving Cosmos (Anselm Academic Press, 2012) and The Creative Suffering of the Triune God: An Evolutionary Theology (Oxford University Press, 2010), as well as more than four dozen publications and presentations on evolutionary theology, feminist theology and theologies of suffering.

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The evolving consciousness of a prophet

In the past 20 years, what has become all the more clear is that there is a critical need for the prophetic voice of all people in the church and the world – a need to which women religious have responded decisively. The call for women religious and for the community of faith to be a corporate prophetic voice to address injustice throughout the world is clarion.

Christian lenses on the environment

As the environmental crisis has grown over the past 50 years, these and other similar critiques have led some to ask if the Christian tradition has anything positive to contribute to the preservation of the environment. To answer this question, we must take off the lenses that are often used by Christians to look at the environment and substitute new ones to form a revised Christian vision on the environment that clearly promotes the flourishing of Earth and its creatures.