Sr. Hilda Mary Bernath is from Tamil Nadu, South India. With an academic preparation in education, Montessori, and child psychology, she taught school in both Tamil and English. She was also a gold medalist in sports. After becoming a Franciscan Missionary of Mary, she did graduate work in theology, spirituality and missiology. She then taught school and worked in formation with candidates and pre-novices. Presently she is ministering in Peru, studying Spanish and doing missionary work.

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Serving the poor among the poor, and blooming in religious life

Mother Church encourages us to be with the poor and work for them; having experienced poverty, I am eager to lift up the downtrodden. As a missionary in Peru, I have challenged myself to grow like a plant in my religious life.

Happiness is the key to success in mission for me in Peru

My mission is not just what I do as a service in the community, but it is also my being who I am, and my communication with my sisters.

Stranded in Peru by the pandemic, I know faith is not on lock-down

I am living outside of my home country of India for the first time, and I often get homesick. Yet I am following the footsteps of Jesus, Blessed Mother Mary and St. Francis of Assisi to adapt.