Honorine Uwimana is a St. Joseph Worker from Rwanda in the East of Africa, currently serving at Regina Residence with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange, California. Honorine is using her pharmacy background and her writing flair to beat the drum of social justice.

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Well done, good and faithful servant

Notes from the Field - I believe heaven is made beautiful by the angels and ordinary people who made others feel extraordinary while they were still alive and now reign on high. Among them is Sr. Bernice Jordan. 

Remind me, remind them, remind the universe

Notes from the Field - What time is it? It's Christ time, and the best way to live in this time is to impersonate his attributes in our lives.

This is what you can learn through service to others

Notes from the Field – How do young women between the ages of 21 and 35 decide to adjust their sails and change the direction of their lives to serve the most underserved in communities? GSR's blogger interviews the five other St. Joseph Workers serving with her.

'Prenez un quart de feuille': a prompt of the essentials

Notes from the Field - I celebrated the end of my academic years and my liberation from impromptu quizzes. Little did I know I would face impromptu wake-up calls in different ways, including through sorrow.