Huguette Ostiguy is a Missionary Sister of the Immaculate Conception who grew up near Montreal in Granby, Canada, where she studied home economics before joining religious life. In 1973, she began serving in Zambia and 1979 began a 10-year stint as the matron at the Marymount Girls Secondary School. After completing a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's in counseling, she returned to Malawi. She is actively engaged in training local professional counselors at Saint John College of Health Sciences and offering individual counseling and group sessions.

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How a vegetable greenhouse bests the African sun

We live in Mzimba, a small town in a large rural area of Malawi where our neighbors struggle every day with poverty and lack of food due to poor soil and a long and dry, hot season. Last year, our small community of sisters wondered what we could do to help ourselves and our neighbors accomplish zero hunger, one of the United Nations sustainable development goals. Challenged to consider what actions here could help end hunger and poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all, we looked to our community garden and thought about shade.