Janie Rosko is a Humility of Mary volunteer serving within the Ursuline ministries in Youngstown, Ohio. She has a bachelor's degree in philosophy and psychology from Youngstown State University.

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What communication is really about

Notes from the Field - Serving within the Immigrant Outreach Program at Beatitude House in Youngstown has been exceptionally meaningful. One thing we do is help adults improve their English-language skills. We hold numerous conversations with the women who are our students to help them gain confidence in their speaking. Although we tend to discuss simple, everyday matters, we learn about how each person has been shaped by her own life experience.

Teaching young immigrants independence, teamwork

Notes from the Field - We have been organizing learning stations for tutoring children at the Immigrant Outreach Program. Through the stations as well as field trips, we hope to teach the children social and emotional skills to succeed on their own or in a group, so that they can navigate the world independently.

Space in our lives for learning

Notes from the Field - I try to be aware of how my life experiences affect how I understand the ways in which other people navigate the world. Since I mentor Lusila, I especially try to observe how she sees the world. Of course, I cannot know her exact perceptions, but I can use what I know to help her find comfort.

Car trouble makes for walking through a not-typical day

Notes from the Field - Even though 20 to 30 minutes is not that long to walk someplace once, it can be if a person has no other options and must do it regularly. A number of individuals and families served by Ursuline Ministries walk around town, undeterred by the weather.