Joachim Pham has been a National Catholic Reporter correspondent since December 2013 and regularly contributes to Global Sisters Report. He is based in Vietnam.

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Vietnam sisters serve others online or over the phone during the pandemic

As the delta variant spreads in Vietnam, sisters in heavily affected areas have moved some of their ministries online or now run them over the phone to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Sisters join ranks of hospital volunteers in Vietnam's COVID epicenters

In Ho Chi Minh City and two provinces in Vietnam badly hit by COVID-19's delta variant, hundreds of women and men religious have voluntarily joined front-line forces to take care of patients at understaffed hospitals.

Sisters unload tons of food, feed hungry in Ho Chi Minh City's COVID crackdown

"The COVID-19 pandemic is a chance to share what we have with our brothers and sisters in need," explains one of the many Vietnamese sisters whose congregations are providing free food for people under quarantine.

Nuns in Vietnam help tuberculosis patients get back on their feet

St. Paul de Chartres sisters and other Catholic nuns in Vietnam care for TB patients at public hospitals, show them how to take medicine and get follow-up medical examinations, and offer them basic food and money.