Joan Sauro, a Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet, publishes widely in the Catholic press. "We were called Sister" (U.S. Catholic) was awarded first place for Best Essay 2014 by the CPA. 

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The nod: just saying Yes

The feast of the Annunciation - Recently at my friend's funeral, I started to think of all the nods we give in a day, just a simple bowing of the head. Yes.

Reports from the fringe

We were a gathering of older religious women sitting in a large circle in a barren church hall. A hard journey we had of it, traveling long distances to listen to each other.

Pearls at the house of mercy

On a recent oceanside retreat, I was kissed, found sweetness and learned to carry pearls.

Jubilee 2019: a musical with words

Our recent jubilee celebration happened in three acts with cheering, weeping and trembling, chord after emotional chord. In word, song, feasting and after-partying, we touched eternity and were "doing holy."