Joan Sauro, a Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet, publishes widely in the Catholic press. "We were called Sister" (U.S. Catholic) was awarded first place for Best Essay 2014 by the CPA. 

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Even in desolate times, they write love notes with radishes

There is no joy in Uvalde, Texas, where 19 innocents were slaughtered, and two teachers who cared for them. Nor in Buffalo. Even in the face of hate, the love notes continue, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

A backwards glance at life from wartime

As a devastating war rages in Ukraine, 200 of us are packed in St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Church, begging for God's mercy. Even as we pray, the Russian army shows no mercy, destroying one town after another.

Losing, finding and venturing forth, with eyes wide open

"Each day is composed of hours and we are in one. Pay no mind to the hour before and the hour to come, if indeed there be one. We have only this hour. Embrace it. Love it as best you can. Here is the face of God."

The Way of the Cross in my neighborhood

The Suffering Face of Christ is everywhere to behold. Two lesbians are being evicted. The grammar school teacher throws up his hands after a year's shutdown and moves out. A 60-year-old neighbor cares for his 98-year-old cousin.