Joan Sauro, a Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet, publishes widely in the Catholic press. "We were called Sister" (U.S. Catholic) was awarded first place for Best Essay 2014 by the CPA. 

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The chair and the window

The window is mysterious, does not give up its secrets easily. Then one day, unpredictable and unexpected, the figures slowly take shape, clear enough so there's no mistaking who they are.

A hole in the roof

My three favorite men in all the Gospels are two husky no-names, carrying their friend who is comatose, dead weight, out like a light and very heavy. The two know exactly where they are headed.

Dwelling in possibility

Each moment is eternal. One by one they are offered to us. Some minutes we take hold of, some not. No matter, they all remain. I was awestruck by the beauty in one such moment.

Taking the air in during the coronavirus pandemic

Early morning the walkers appear. ... Unchanging in the upheaval of change. And if they should forget the upheaval, news bulletins puncture the air with dire warnings.