Judy Bisignano is an Adrian Dominican Sister. Originally from Des Moines, Iowa, she has spent her adult life directing private and charter public schools in Tucson, Arizona. With graduate degrees in biology, ecology and educational leadership/curriculum development, she wrote aerospace curricula for 10 years for NASA, and the Young Astronaut Council of the U.S. She has authored and co-authored 35 activity books for children in the areas of values education, environmental education, aerospace and astronomy. On one of her five trips to Ecuador's Amazon jungle, she became the only person from the North to ever see a black jaguar in the Achuar Territory. That's how she got the name Sister Jaguar — Hermana Otorongo.

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The truth according to Sister Jaguar

As I heal my heart and fulfill my destiny, some people are outraged by my candor while others value and support identifying and releasing old memories that ravage the soul.