Judy Principe is an Associate of the Sisters of St. Joseph, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is a certified spiritual director and a Myers-Briggs Master Practitioner. Her professional career was spent in training and development, organizational development and human resources. She holds a master's degree in management and supervision and a certificate in organizational development.

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Remembering with gratitude: 'Berakah'

What lessons have I learned? How has the year changed me interiorly? May I never forget and always be grateful that I live in a country which allows me options regarding where I live; and I realize how God has provided me the means to make such a choice. God has deepened in me a profound sense of how I am loved and cared for as God's unique creation.

Year of abundant life

It's that time of year again: the beginning, the time for taking stock and making resolutions. What great things has God done in me and what would God like to do for and in me this coming year? 

Who is 'the dear neighbor'?

A simple act by a Sister of St. Joseph spoke volumes about how to practice the love of God in everyone and anyone without analysis, hesitation or debate regarding the recipient's deservedness to receive that love.

That all may be one: Using the Myers-Briggs type indicator

One of the greatest blessings of my life and professional career was my education and certification as a Myers-Briggs Master Practitioner. Through understanding and use of the Myers-Briggs, I felt God placed me in a position to grow in self-knowledge while working to develop healthy, constructive relationships in so many corporate applications.