Sr. Kenyuyfoon Gloria Wirba of Cameroon is a member of the Congregation of the Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi — Cameroon Province. She holds a doctorate degree in missiology from Pontifical University of Rome; her graduate work there was in religious sciences (mission and world religions). She holds a licentiate degree in the theology of consecrated life from the Lateran University of Rome. Her ministry has included missionary experience in Cameroon, writing, and lecturing at the Pontifical University.

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Continued violence in Cameroon threatens sisters

Sisters in Cameroon are caught in the middle of a conflict between two factions. During an incident in June at a hospital operated by my congregation, a soldier came towards me with a gun, and said, "I can shoot you."

The prophetic role of African religious women to the mission of the church and the building of their society

African religious women are invited to assume an important mission in the formation of a new African culture that does not call for a retrospective journey to traditional culture or its complete abandonment, but rather for a critical reading and assessment of the past, an objective analysis of the present and an optimistic projection into the future in the light of the Gospel as the message of life, love and hope.