Lisa Elmaleh is a photographer whose work has appeared in The New York Times and Harper's Magazine. Elmaleh, of Paw Paw, West Virginia, has visited the U.S.-Mexico border as a photographer and volunteer alongside Catholic sisters and others several times since January 2021.

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Frontera: Arizona Samaritans soothe dire need on migrant desert trails

A photographer and a writer join the Ajo and Tucson Samaritans to highlight the harshness of the experience of migrants who cross the U.S. border into the sprawling Sonoran Desert — where it's mostly about the water.

Frontera: Compassion has no boundaries at the US-Mexico border

In U.S. border communities, staff and volunteers at the Migrant Resource Center and similar organizations help migrants expelled from the country rest and get advice while they figure out their next step.

Frontera: Where the limits of a wall and the promise of the unknown intersect

Upon seeing Lisa Elmaleh's camera, the Catholic sisters and volunteers at migrant shelters whom Elmaleh met along the U.S.-Mexico border "understand they're being documented in a historic way."