Maddie Thompson is a Good Shepherd Volunteer serving at Collier High School in New Jersey. After growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, she graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in theology and peace studies and a minor in Catholic social tradition. Maddie has a passion for community, a love for pottery, and a never-ending desire to explore.

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Start 2021 by making room for the unexpected

Notes from the Field - My service year so far at Collier High School has been filled with nothing but the unexpected. When thinking of what I wanted less of in 2021, I immediately wanted to draw a symbol for the unexpected.

In a year of darkness and uncertainty, we are a people of hope

Notes from the Field - Serving in a space like Collier High School renews my sense of hope even when a piece of my heart constantly feels weighed down by the recognition of the world's pain.

Intimidation, creativity and determination in a time of transition

Notes from the Field: The journey through the Collier High School's transition program looks as unique as each of our students, but we get through by climbing over, sliding around, going under and forging new trails.

Creativity abounds. The trees know it.

Notes from the Field - The mission of Collier Youth Services is "to provide at-risk youth a chance to grow toward their potential in an environment that promotes belonging, dignity and hope."