Maddie Thompson is a Good Shepherd Volunteer serving at Collier High School in New Jersey. After growing up in St. Louis, she graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in theology and peace studies and a minor in Catholic social tradition. Maddie has a passion for community, a love for pottery, and a never-ending desire to explore.

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As a chapter ends, it's a gift to be part of a larger story

Notes from the Field - Serving at Collier High School has allowed me to glimpse small pieces of our students' worlds as they invite me into their stories. It has been a privilege to learn even a bit about who they are as young adults.

Innate human dignity means broken bread, not broken bodies

Notes from the Field - We all deserve to feel safe, to have access to food, shelter, clothing and health care. Yet we know this is not reality.

'Get out from your head and get growing, dear child'

Notes from the Field - A quote from Dallas Clayton reminds me to get out of my head and step into the real world — to get growing right where my two feet find themselves planted. This is much easier said than done.

With Collier Chats, I see our school through others' eyes

Notes from the Field - A tradition for Good Shepherd Volunteers is Collier Chats, lighthearted conversations with co-workers that allow me to get to know the people who make Collier High School what it is.