Mare Wheeler has been an active Racine (Wisconsin) Dominican associate for the last five years. She is a physician assistant in Arizona. She has three daughters and in her not-so-spare time is rescued often by dogs previously on the "E" list (scheduled for euthanasia) from the local pound (whom she says she fosters!). She writes for her community's newsletter irregularly on a variety of topics.

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The transformative power of Tootsie Pops

Summer in Bullhead City, Arizona, can be grueling. Temperatures (and tempers!) are often above 120 degrees Fahrenheit during the day in this sometimes-drug-plagued town near the intersection of Nevada, California and Arizona on the Colorado River. As a physician assistant working in psychiatry and emergency medicine and also a Racine Dominican associate, I have grown to love working and living in the Southwest, but summers are a definite test of that love.

The power of presence

The loud voices from the lobby of the integrative health care clinic in which I worked that fall were approaching high-decibel level.

Several of we providers wandered out into the hall from our offices, trying to figure out the source of the disturbance. My medical director caught sight of me and told me, "Get Jesus Christ out of the lobby before the cops get here!"