Mary Nguyen Thi Phuong Lan (Nguyen) is a Dominican Missionary Sister of Phu Cuong in Vietnam. After studying at universities in Vietnam and at De La Salle University in Manila, the Philippines, she worked in formation programs in Vietnam. Now, she is in charge of caring for 32 orphans at Binh Trieu Development Center in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She was a contributor to the first round of the GSR series The Life.

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'Helping the poor is my duty'

Maria Thao, a Vietnamese laywoman with a paralyzed foot, believes she will be judged by how she serves others. She ministers intensely to those in need, and supports herself by selling her famous dried beef.

Formation strengthens young Dominicans in Vietnam for future mission

Training a grownup human being is not easy, and the formation of a religious woman is even more complicated. With God's grace, we try our best to create opportunities for young sisters to learn to be messengers of God.

A meaningful visit to Cambodia provides an example of service

In addition to experiencing Cambodians' rich cultural heritage, we were invited by Br. Joseph Nguyen Thanh Tung to visit a parish that offers classes for 72 poor Vietnamese children living in Cambodia.

Dominican sisters' love for children in Vietnam

In 1993, Binh Trieu was still a neighborhood of Sai Gon, sparsely populated and often flooded. Tran Van Soi, a founder of the Friends for Street Children program, chose the Binh Trieu Center to start classes for poor children. We Dominican sisters are still faithful to the spirit of the founder.