Sr Mercy Shumbamhini is a member of the Congregation of Jesus in Zimbabwe. She is a registered professional clinical social worker, a theologian, a narrative therapist and a writer with an extensive background in administration, fundraising and project management. She served in leadership of her congregation for many years, as regional leader for her congregation in Zimbabwe for eight years, and is the former president of the Conference of Major Superiors in Zimbabwe. Presently, she serves as mission developmental director of her congregation in Zimbabwe, sits on a number of boards, and lectures at the university level on social work and theology.

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Moving from a throwaway culture to nurturing and caring for God's gift

As we celebrate Earth Day, I am reminded that pastoral care should also involve ecological care, because we are connected to one another through our ecological positioning. Injustice done to nature is injustice done to humanity.

'Women in time to come will do much': Congregatio Jesu in Zimbabwe

Venerable Mary Ward believed that "women in time to come will do much." Her legacy inspires us to be "seekers of truth and doers of justice," in all our ministries, including education and health care.

Widowed women in Africa denied basic human rights

African widows, are among the most vulnerable and destitute women on the continent. Witness the stories of two Zimbabwean widows whom I am working with, Martha and Mary.

Vote for common good in Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe, we are preparing for elections on July 30. The responsibility for our government's direction lies with us, as citizens, and we can't take that responsibility lightly. When we vote, we do so in order to promote the common good.