Sr. Molly Fernandes is a member of the Congregation of the Sisters of Holy Family of Nazareth, Sancoale-Goa, India. Besides teaching preschool and primary, she has done youth ministry, pastoral work and catechesis, and secretarial work in many dioceses and organizations. She is the director of the Sisters of Holy Family of Nazareth communications center and editor of their magazine, is a speaker and writer, and evangelizes through mass media.

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Kiran Niketan, our social center committed to uplift women

Started by the Sisters of Holy Family of Nazareth in 1986, the Kiran Niketan Social Centre is a ray of light to marginalized and deprived migrant women in three slum areas in Sancoale, Goa, India.

Sister draws on love, compassion and possibilities to nurture the differently abled students

Sr. Monica Coelho believes everyone deserves an education. For 21 years, she has worked to make differently abled children independent and helped them tap their hidden potential.

St. Joseph and his father's heart give us a model of the hidden life

When Pope Francis announced the Year of St. Joseph, it befitted our hidden lives during the COVID-19 pandemic, with millions of people in troubled waters, homeless and separated from their loved ones.

Burn with joy in the consecrated life

On this day we are reminded — especially consecrated people — to spread the light, joy, love and peace of Jesus Christ through service, by word and example, and by being his witnesses in the course of our different apostolates.