Nancy Watenga, from Kenya, is a sister living in the world as a consecrated woman for the Diocese of Nakuru. Formerly with the Immaculate Heart Sisters of Nigeria, she studied education at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa and has been a high school deputy head for five years and a college head for seven years. Recently she began mentoring high school and college students. Presently she lives in Nakuru in Rift valley, Kenya, where she and eight other sisters are seeking to form an association.

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Radical changes we need to pass to the younger generation

I have been pondering the following four areas that require radical change in the world if my generation wants to be able to quietly and in a fulfilling manner say a quality "good bye."

An ideal sister: She's a miracle!

I ask each religious sister: Are you a miracle yourself? Do you feel so from within? I would define a miracle as an extraordinary occurrence that cannot be explained by science, and therefore is attributed to God.