Nancy Watenga, from Kenya, is a sister living in the world as a consecrated woman for the Diocese of Nakuru. Formerly with the Immaculate Heart Sisters of Nigeria, she studied education at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa and has been a high school deputy head for five years and a college head for seven years. Recently, she began mentoring high school and college students. Currently, she lives in Nakuru in Rift valley, Kenya, where she and eight other sisters are seeking to form an association.

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Troubles of Kenyan fathers illuminate a new parable of the prodigal son

If humans, as limited as we are, can go to the extent of taking addicted and reckless sons to rehabilitation, in an attempt to change them, what about God our Father — the Creator of us all?

God created everything good. Is there a possibility for restoration?

For most of my life, I thought there was some sanity in the world, but as I have reflected on some events, I have had to wonder what could have caused so much pain to humanity, including in my own country of Kenya.

The finger of God in my life

Three principles have given me an unknown drive to defy all odds and to go for my dreams. Given my humble beginning, I must say all my achievements have been by the finger of God. There can be no better explanation.

Keep equilibrium between what is on the inside and what is on the outside

We humans seem to have come to abhor silence, moving from radio, to television, to phone, then emails, and Whatsapp, Twitter and Messenger. Quite a busy world! But who has time to listen to the interior man/woman now?