Pamela Schaeffer is an independent writer and editor in St. Louis, with more than 35 years full-time work as a journalist specializing in religion. Her experience includes editorial roles at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Religion News Service, the Society of the Sacred Heart, Catholic Health Association and National Catholic Reporter, where she is a former managing editor. She holds a doctorate in historical theology from St. Louis University.

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Sisters of St. Joseph carry 'radical' history forward at Event 2022

The Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph's Event 2022 brought some 450 sisters and federation members to St. Louis July 8-10. The program included reflection as well as discussion about fighting racial oppression.

'Ouch' moments discomfit, challenge sisters at convocation on racism

This year's convocation of the Justice Conference of Women Religious focused on systemic racism operating invisibly and insidiously — including, leaders said, in virtually all of the religious congregations that proclaim justice as their mission.