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Meet the sister nominated for an ESPY Award for her wicked curveball Jul 4, 2019 Story : News
Nuns in Africa create social enterprise startups to help communities Apr 8, 2019 Story : News
In Catholic-owned rooming house in Boston, older tenants face displacement Apr 5, 2019 Story : News
Religious women push lawmakers to investigate Kavanaugh, suspend confirmation Sep 27, 2018 Story : News
Sister Jean's friends celebrate Loyola's run to the March Madness Final Four Mar 26, 2018 Story : News
Kenyan nuns take over hospitals after protracted battle with American priest Jan 25, 2018 Story : News
The 11 sisters of Siervas are a rock band like 'nun' other Sep 19, 2017 Story : News
Chainsaw-wielding nun just 'wanted to help out' after Hurricane Irma Sep 13, 2017 Story : News
At the Vatican, Sr. Simone Campbell blasts 'male power' Mar 9, 2017 Story : News
On her 110th birthday, Italy's oldest native-born nun says love is the secret to life Feb 21, 2017 Story : News
Letter from Irbil: 'As sisters, we are worried about the legacy of our land' Nov 2, 2016 Story : Blog
Catholic nuns under siege in Syria appeal for help Aug 5, 2016 Story : News
Four Catholic nuns among the dead in massacre by gunmen in Yemen Mar 4, 2016 Story : News
Bishop and nun blast Trump for using faith as a 'ploy to grab votes' Feb 24, 2016 Story : News
Poet Wendell Berry bequests farm to Dominican Sisters of Peace college Feb 10, 2016 Story : News
Sister Cristina steps into new role — acting Nov 23, 2015 Story : News
New ‘Nuns on the Bus’ tour to highlight Pope Francis’ U.S. visit and agenda Aug 26, 2015 Story : News
Sr. Mary Ann Walsh, longtime Catholic bishops' spokeswoman, dies at 67 Apr 29, 2015 Story : News
New Jersey nun beatification set for next month in Newark Sep 15, 2014 Story : News
Nuns to pope: Revoke 15th-century doctrine that allows Christians to seize native land Sep 11, 2014 Story : News
New Nuns on the Bus tour to tackle political ‘dark money’ Sep 8, 2014 Story : News
Vatican's doctrinal chief renews criticism of U.S. nuns, says he's no misogynist Sep 2, 2014 Story : News
More than 100 religious, immigration activists arrested at White House Aug 1, 2014 Story : News
Busloads of turned-back immigrants, an image of shame Jul 7, 2014 Story : Column
Hobby Lobby beat the contraception mandate, but the nuns may not Jul 1, 2014 Story : News