Rita Akin-Otiko is a Nigerian-born Sister of St. Louis. She began her ministry as a certified elementary school teacher. After earning a degree in English language/education, she taught high school, helping to establish an all-girls boarding high school, where she served as principal for several years. After graduate work in the United States, she continued as principal until being elected the provincial leader of the Nigeria Province of the Sisters of St. Louis. Returning to teaching and mentoring indigent students in an all-girls public school, she went back to the U.S. to complete a graduate degree in curriculum and instruction. She is currently the coordinator of the Nigeria Province's Teachers and Administrators Mentoring Services Center in Nigeria.

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A tale of two seasons studying in the US as a Nigerian sister

Culture shock and loneliness could be part of studying away from home, first at Loyola Marymount and then at St. Louis University. But I also found community, friendship, and intellectual and spiritual growth.