Samantha Kominiarek is from Massachusetts and graduated from Saint Joseph's University in Pennsylvania with a bachelor's degree in elementary and special education. She is now doing a year of service with the Assumption Mission Associates in Chaparral, New Mexico. Sammy is enjoying learning more about this beautiful border community. 

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Sharing the warmth of Chaparral

Notes from the Field - My parents came to visit! I have been smiling for the past month at just the thought of having them here in Chaparral with me, experiencing the warmth that is so present here. 

We are here: Being present for stories of challenge and resilience

Notes from the Field - Throughout the first few months of my year of service, I felt incredibly overwhelmed by all the heartbreaking stories full of trauma. The information was difficult for me to process.

Superhero Assumption Sisters use their 'powers' to empower others

Notes from the Field - Through their work and presence in the community of Chaparral, the sisters' power is that they guide people toward discovering hope through love and accompaniment.

Chaparral experiences have expanded my heart

Notes from the Field - My heart is full of so much more love because of the people I have met as an Assumption Mission Associate in New Mexico and because of the experiences we have shared.