Scholasticah Nganda is Kenyan by birth and a member of the Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy. In early ministry, she taught and held leadership positions at the secondary and university levels. Her graduate work was in counseling and counseling psychology. After serving on the leadership team of her congregation, she is now serving as the director of pastoral programs for Solidarity with South Sudan, Juba, and is one of four members of the Solidarity Pastoral Team working in collaboration with the Catholic Bishops Conference of South Sudan to meet the pastoral needs of the church there.

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Resilient South Sudanese women deserve peace, respect and dignity

I wish for the pope, the church and the world to acknowledge and address the primary victims in South Sudan — the women who carry so much of the life-giving force of this young country and suffer much violence.

Let us be bearers of hope in the midst of pain and suffering

I would like to know the plans God has for us in this pandemic. And as critical as social distancing is, I am struggling with it. But what if all this is to draw me into an intimate relationship with God?

The empty tomb: our reason for existence

We are gradually moving farther away from each other, enlarging the "empty tomb" in size and depth. Absence is slowly defining human life in a world wrapped in universal grief. How possible is it to imagine any glimpse of hope in the absence we continue to experience?