Sue Paweski has been a Sister of Providence of St. Mary of the Woods for 22 years. Most of her professional life has been in education, both in elementary schools and in adult education in several universities, primarily in admissions. For 10 years, she has ministered in the advancement office of her congregation. Currently, she is  co-director of her community's associate program.

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Knit one, pray too

The approximately 30 members of St. Giles' Prayer Shawl Ministry knit and crochet shawls for those who are in need of comfort and healing. There are no limits to the requests for the loving warmth of a shawl.

Seeing a jumping-off point with new eyes

When I am dancing, the music's rhythm takes me out of myself into another plane. I "see" and hear only the music. That brings me to the sculpture of Jesus in our Church of the Immaculate Conception at St. Mary-of-the-Woods, Indiana.

Celebrate St. Mary Magdalene and her brave witness to the Resurrection

St. Mary Magdalene's single dedication was to Jesus and his message. Faithful in all circumstances, she is a model of resolve, dedication and compassion. We all continue to celebrate her legacy of faith.

What the truth of a tree taught me during this pandemic

There is no thought of life returning to pre-pandemic times in a year or so. An awareness of the fragility of life is making an indelible mark on our souls. I wonder how our lives will continue to be changed.