Sujata Jena is a member of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. She is a human rights activist, freelance journalist and advocate with a special interest for the cause of the poor, Dalits, tribal women, children, minorities and migrants. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, she has been actively involved in the safe return of the migrants and continues to work for their rights through advocacy and lobbying through networking with government administrations and civil society groups. Currently, she is working as the deputy director of the Excellent IAS Academy in Bhubaneswar, Eastern Indian State of Odisha. She is the coordinator of the social projects of the congregation.

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Holiness requires working for social justice

It is the responsibility of every citizen, every baptized Christian, to save democracy. The more the church isolates itself and goes away from people, the further it moves from the teaching of Christ.

Synodality gives voice to people on the periphery

Synodality gives voice to the unheard and to the periphery. Discussion of abuse and misuse of power in religious communities comes amid these churchwide reflections.

A shepherd who serves all, after Jesus' own heart

Horizons – A parish priest in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu has been washing the feet of the marginalized for nearly three decades before Pope Francis decreed that women's feet could be washed on Holy Thursday.

Deceased Indian priest's legacy highlights model for countercultural witness to poverty

My happiness does not depend on what I possess — as I used to think — and that happiness never ends. Simplicity is bliss. Poverty is necessary to live our vocation meaningfully and authentically.