Sumon Corraya is a journalist based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He covers issues in the Christian community and other faith issues of Bangladesh.

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Q & A with Sr. Lipy Gloria Rozario, whose videos help thousands with their mental health

Our Lady of Sorrows Sr. Lipy Gloria Rozario is a psychological counselor who directs Healing Heart Counseling Unit in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which offers counseling services and training for mental health professionals.

Q & A with Sr. Shephali Khalko, strengthening the Catholic faith in Papua New Guinea

Sr. Shephali Khalkois is from Bangladesh and has worked as a missionary in Papua New Guinea for 10 years. She currently oversees a boarding house for 100 dropout teen and female students, who she teaches life values by providing counseling to strengthen their Catholic faith.

Q & A with Sr. Mary Mitali, training laypeople in Bangladesh for a more enlightened, participatory church

Bangladesh has very few Christians, but Sr. Mary Mitali is part of a commission that encourages them to be more active in liturgical and sacramental life as well as in works of mercy, charity and social development.

Bangladesh nuns struggle to teach students who can't pay tuition

The Catholic Church runs more than 1,000 schools and 17 colleges in the Muslim-majority country, including 100 schools by sisters. Lockdown and loss of income (because students' family members have died) is stressing a fragile system.