Susan Smith, a Sister of Our Lady of the Missions, has worked in education at various levels: primary and secondary school teaching in New Zealand, university education in New Zealand and Australia, and with Duquesne University in Rome and Manila, the Philippines. She has been involved in pastoral and catechetical formation in Papua New Guinea; in adult literacy and numeracy programs for Maori in New Zealand; in congregational formation programs in Davao, Philippines, and St. Rambert, France. Currently, she volunteers as a budget adviser, helps with an emergency housing trust and some environmental groups, and writes for publication.

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Sanitation: an unacknowledged blessing

Good sanitation is key to ensuring good health, and COVID-19 reveals the ugly face of inequality in so many ways and in so many countries that lack good, effective and reliable sanitation.

Whither religious life? Reflections from New Zealand

As contemporary religious search for relevance in a rapidly changing world, perhaps it is useful to examine the relationship of religious life to the particular context or culture in which it exists.