Terri Laureta traveled from topside Molokai in Hawaii to enter the Sisters of Saint Francis in Syracuse, New York (the Sisters of Saint Francis of the Neumann Communities). With an academic background in music with a concentration in church music and liturgy, she ministered in several Catholic churches as music director. She currently serves as music director at her residence, the Franciscan Villa in Syracuse. She is also a professional artist.

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I hear the cry of the poor, and I cry with them

I didn't feel adequately prepared to serve the poor. I didn't think I had the training. Worst of all, I didn't want to serve the poor. Nevertheless, I proceeded to find out what I could do to help them.

High notes and low note from a church organist

Learning to play the organ brought challenges and stress, as well as humor and musical joy. Today I am happy to rest in the satisfaction that I am faithful only to what gifts God has given me.


You don't need a television Christmas to celebrate Christ's birthday

Television depictions of snowy, glittery and cozy Christmas celebrations seem unattainable to those without the means or who live in warmer climates. While these traditions create memories, they're not what the holiday really means.