Tina Khan is a Companion in Ministry with a religious sister of an Australian congregation, the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart. She lives in a northern suburb in Perth, Western Australia. Theirs is a contemplative-active ministry in the areas of practical-pastoral support, education, relationality including cross-cultural, multi-faith contexts, as well as formation in theology and spirituality in the everyday. 

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Dedicated to music teachers

Hymns have not changed; they continue to sing of God's love, peace and all those wonderful things.

The hopes of the ant with the rubber tree plant

The numbers of sisters are dwindling. But can religious life really die, if its beginnings were a response to the God-call to answer God's people's cry?

My 'new' and precious life

After I'd achieved a degree of financial comfort, I remember the shock when I first encountered children in a "poorer" area of the country who couldn't afford shoes, even meals. That may have been the first stirrings of the God-seed.