Wycliff Oundo of Nairobi, Kenya, is a freelance journalist working with Global Sisters Report.

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Lives of service and courage cut short by violence: Honoring sisters killed

For many local sisters killed while serving native African communities, their lives are only memorialized in the communities they served and in a few archives. Their deaths are rarely reported in mainstream news. Until now.

Self-sustainability project relaunches for sisters in four African countries

A program that for four years has helped sisters' ministries become financially self-sufficient has launched a revitalized version of the project that will help sisters access resources in four African countries.

Little Daughters of St. Joseph operate sustainable conference center in Kenya

In 2008, religious sisters ventured into Kenya's hospitality industry, with a spiritual center that doubled as a conference tourism and lodging facility. They established and continue to run a successful center.

Q & A with Sr. Tresa Palakudy, supporting children in Kenya’s forgotten HIV/AIDs epidemic

Because of the spread of COVID-19, Kenya has experienced a massive shortage of antiretroviral drugs (ARVs), threatening the lives of HIV/AIDS patients. Sr. Tresa Palakudy has provided the children she cares for at the Nyumbani Children's Home, an orphanage for children living with HIV, with ARVs, shelter and food so that they could withstand their intense medical treatment.