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Sister leaders attending the LCWR annual assembly in Houston talk about this year's justice resolution Friday morning. (GSR photo / Dan Stockman)

The LCWR annual assembly was Aug. 11-14. You can see all GSR's coverage at this link: LCWR 2015.

There was a lot of good traffic on social media with the hashtag #LCWR2015.

We have put together some social media timelines from the major events and speeches at the assembly. They offer insights and quotes from the live events that may not have made it into the reported news stories:

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• Our Storify collection of tweets from day two (Wednesday, Aug. 12)
• Our Storify collection of tweets from day three (Thursday, Aug. 13)
•  Our Storify collection of tweets from day four (Friday, Aug. 14)

Global Sisters Report has also had recent commentary about the doctrinal assessment, apostolic visitation and LCWR's response and leadership model:

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