Global Sisters Report recognized with awards of excellence

We at Global Sisters Report know that the work of Catholic women religious makes a huge difference to millions of people around the world. So we are very pleased that GSR has won an "Award of Excellence–Best in Class/Online: Independent Website" in the Associated Church Press 2017 Best of the Christian Press contest.

The recognition of GSR is also a recognition of the important work of sisters. In the words of the judges: "Global Sisters Report is a welcome arrival on the faith journalism scene. This is an important and inspiring effort about Catholic sisters and the critical issues facing the people they serve. Great reporting and trenchant analysis."

The Associated Church Press is a professional organization whose members are "brought together by a common commitment to excellence in journalism as a means to describe, reflect, and support the life of faith and the Christian community," according to its website. The awards honor work done in 2016 and were presented April 28 at the Associated Church Press Convention in Chicago.

Global Sisters Report's Middle East and Africa correspondent, Melanie Lidman, won in the "Award of Excellence in the Feature Article: News Service/Website/Blog" category for "Albinism in Africa: Sisters, activists counter violence with education, protection." The judges noted it was "a must-read feature [and an] informative, well-written and eye-opening article. Effective idea development, upbeat tone and solid reporting complement the article's service orientation."

Our special series on mining by Chris Herlinger, J. Malcolm Garcia, Lidman, Soli Salgado and Saji Thomas received honorable mentions in two categories — "In-Depth Coverage: News Service/Website/Blog" and "Theme Issue, Section or Series: News Service/Website/Blog."

Herlinger, GSR's international correspondent, also won an "ACP Award of Merit" for three book reviews in National Catholic ReporterAmerica and Christian Century.

Herlinger's coverage of Middle East refugees for Global Sisters Report also won an award of excellence from the "Religion Communicators Council in the Newspaper Feature" category of the 2017 DeRose-Hinkhouse Awards.

And we'd be remiss not to remind readers that GSR staff writer Dawn Araujo-Hawkins won first place last June in the 2016 American Academy of Religion Award for Best In-Depth Newswriting on Religion.

Thank you to all the staff and contributors who work so hard on the articles for GSR. Thank you to the sisters who write columns about issues, ministries, spirituality and religious life for us. And thank you to the sisters for their time in sharing with reporters about their missions and ministries, frustrations and successes — and how they keep their spirituality strong in spite of so many challenges. These awards are for all of us!

[Gail DeGeorge is editor of Global Sisters Report. Her email address is]