Nuns on the Bus Blog - Day 15 in Louisville

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Voters of Kentucky have the same concerns as U.S. citizens everywhere; Nuns on the Bus has taken on a new crew of sister-activitsts from the state and is in Lexington today.

This group of sisters has been enthusiastic so far. Three have written about their experience while in Louisville yesterday; these are posted on NETWORK's site (where you can find a schedule of the stops through Oct. 20) and also have videos that bring you closer to feeling the energy of this tour.

Sr. Joetta Venneman, PBVM, wrote about the sisters' visit to Shively Area Ministries, which is part of a network of community ministries located in a part of Louisville where they poverty rate has increased from 11 percent to 18 percent since 2010.

Sr. Julie Driscoll, SCN, wrote about the Nuns on the Bus stop at the Americana Community Center, which assists refugees and immigrants by offering childcare for the very young, English classes for adults and supportive tutoring programs for students in between, among other services. The center even helps new citizens navigate their way through their first time voting.

Sr. Robbie Pentecost, OSF, wrote about the concluding event for Wednesday, a Town Hall for the 100%. It was held at Wayside Christian Mission's Hotel Louisville, a place that describes its mission as "InnPossible." It's a full service hotel  with conference and event space that also reserves some of its rooms for transitional housing for homeless people and runs a training center that partners with the local community college to assist the chronically under/unemployed.

She sums up what the Town Halls are about: "Our evening was a typical Town Hall event and gave participants an opportunity to share in small groups on a round of questions provided by the Nuns on the Bus."