Graced by a world of differences

Seoul, South Korea (Unsplash/Emile-Victor Portenart)

In this Random Nun Clip, Adorers of the Blood of Christ Sr. Bernadine Wessel* talks about ministry in Korea and the transformative power of accepting differences.

"I didn't fit into the culture. I didn't know all the traditions," Wessel says about an initial negative feeling when she was first in Korea. "I wasn't able to do things the way they should have been done, according to the tradition. And so I felt like, I've been wrong all my life," She continues. "Then I decided, wait a minute, I'm not Korean. ... I can't do everything like a Korean. And after that, it was OK. ... I could accept the fact that I was different. It made me comfortable with everybody and every situation I was in."   

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*An earlier version of this post incorrectly spelled Wessel's last name.