Pentecost spirituality takes you on a journey

(Pixabay/AJ jaanko)

Sisters discuss the legacy and spirituality of Congregation of Notre Dame foundress St. Marguerite Bourgeoys, which they call a "Pentecost spirituality."

Sr. Frances MacDougall zeroes in on the sprituality's aspect of "Mary with the apostles and the early church. I've always been drawn to that aspect of the charism."

"Because to me, that's where she's the encourager," MacDougall says. "She's with the disciples, and I see such a connection with today's world and today's church."

"We need encouragers. We need people that encourage and foster and say, 'The Spirit is with us, and we can do this.' ... I think she wanted us to imitate the apostles going out, you know?" MacDougall says. "Change the world."

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