Prayers for students as they face the future

by Maxine Kollasch


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In this random nun clip, Sister Maxine speaks with St. Mary of Oregon Srs. Krista von Borstel and Adele Marie Altenhofen. They are joined by special guests: freshmen and sophomore students and teachers, from Valley Catholic School.

Sisters Krista and Adele Marie offer their hopes and prayers to the students. Sister Krista offers this hope and prayer for the students, as they prepare for the fast-approaching move from high school to college: "Embrace your faith and continue to develop that relationship with Christ along the way."

Sister Adele Marie's: "When you are really listening and paying attention to what it is that God has in store for you -- and it's not going to be some kind of call on your cellphone or some kind of great, great big event -- but that you are listening carefully and developing the gifts that God has put inside of you, and let those blossom and become what they are best meant to be."

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