How do congregation founders inspire their sisters today?


This Random Nun Clip features Sr. Mindy Welding of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Scranton, Pennsylvania. We talk about our common founders, Theresa Maxis and Louis Gillet

I asked Sister Mindy: "When you think about the spirit of the founders, how do you find that spirit is alive today, in your life certainly, and in the life of your congregation?" Welding commented about Louis' foresight into the needs of the people. He brought Maxis in and asked her how to they were going to be with the poor and abandoned, the most vulnerable. "Many of our ministries are about that," Welding said. "How do we constantly call ourselves, in this day and age, to be with those who are most in need?"

On Maxis, Welding cited the founder as "such a risk-taker." Welding said, "There are a lot of lessons for us as a congregation to be true to who we are. And Theresa truly was true to who she was."

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