Ethiopia is now polio-free. But what about the rest of the world?

On Sunday, officials at the World Health Organization announced that two years after an outbreak in the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia had successfully interrupted the transmission of the wild polio virus in the country.

That’s certainly cause to celebrate, but in many parts of the world, children still suffer from vaccine-preventable diseases, including polio. In this week’s Three Stats and a Map, we take a look at polio in 2015 – where it still happens what the future looks like.

Check out the graphic below for statistics from the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. Then you can spend some time playing with this interactive map of vaccine-preventable outbreaks from the Council on Foreign Relations. I set my map (as shown in the top image) to only show polio outbreaks, but you can choose for yourself what you want to see.

[Dawn Cherie Araujo is Global Sisters Report staff writer, based in Kansas City, Missouri. Follow her on Twitter @dawn_cherie]