August 29, 2017

Jonah House is located at the old St. Peter's Cemetery in west Baltimore. Established in 1973, its founding members included Philip Berrigan, a former Josephite priest, and Elizabeth McAlister, a former Catholic nun. Members of the faith-based community commit themselves to nonviolent civil resistance in advocating for the abolishment of nuclear weapons. The cemetery and house are pictured Jan. 12, 2012. (CNS photo/Nancy Wiechec)

"When one breaks the laws to resist the probability of nuclear war, one is not just breaking the law ... one is upholding the one law from which all decent and just law derives: 'Love your neighbor as you love yourself.' "

- Philip Berrigan

August 29 is the U.N. International Day Against Nuclear Tests; "Since nuclear weapons testing began in the mid-twentieth century, with the first test on 16 July 1945, nearly 2,000 have taken place."