December 18, 2017

Sisters visit with the porter girls at Kumasi central market in Ghana to learn about their lives and how to advocate for their safety and rights. Female head porters (kayayei) are unskilled, uneducated migrant women, aged 7 and above. Most are from poverty-stricken families of northern Ghana who move down to southern Ghana for work. (Eucharia Madueke)

"Promoting migrants and refugees essentially means a determined effort to ensure that all migrants and refugees — as well as the communities which welcome them — are empowered to achieve their potential as human beings, in all the dimensions which constitute the humanity intended by the Creator."

- Pope Francis, from his Aug. 21, 2017, message for the World Day of Migrants and Refugees

Dec. 18 is the United Nations International Migrants Day. There are more than 21.3 million refugees and 243.7 million migrants in the world today. Learn more about the photo in Sr. Eucharia Madueke's column here.