Becoming a civil and respectful democracy once again

Early last month I was giving a day presentation to religious congregations in San Rafael, California. The day focused on the power of contemplation as a transformative process, the transformation of consciousness and communal contemplation. The day ended with a section on exercising contemplative power. During the final discussion the question arose as to whether we could do something collectively to exercise contemplative power during this election.

We decided that each of us would commit to a period of contemplative prayer and that we would invite as many people as we could to join us. The time, day and duration was to be determined by each of us, but knowing that we were virtually together engaged in this action made it significant. The focus became clear. We would intentionally envision healing our divisions as a country, making choices for the common good, and respecting each other so as to engage in civil discourse. We also said that we would continue this action after the election for a period of time.

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