Author of controversial Washington Post op-ed to address bishops today

by Jamie Manson

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Did you happen to read the Washington Post op-ed on Tuesday that seemed to incite the outrage of every major publication on the Internet? You know, the op-ed that argued that one way to end violence against women is for women to stop sleeping around and get married?

The op-ed was originally titled, "One way to end violence against women? Stop taking lovers and get married," with the subhead, "The data show that #yesallwomen would be safer hitched to their baby daddies."

But the headline created such a firestorm that the editors soon changed it to: "One way to end violence against women? Married dads," with the subhead, "The data show that #yesallwomen would be safer with fewer boyfriends around their kids."(The webpage's address still bears the original title.)

Now here's the kicker for Catholics. One of the co-authors of the piece is W. Bradford Wilcox. Guess who Wilcox is addressing today? The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. The topic? That's right: marriage.

Wilcox is associate professor of sociology at the University of Virginia and the director of the National Marriage Project, which is housed at UVA.

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